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Vendors offer their own digital media for Purchase, Auction or donations!, they may upload their items to the XRPDDM website
Vendors can set a price or even just accept donations.

There are a huge variety of digital file types that can be uploaded and offered such as:

Photographs, Digital Art, CG Art, Music, .jpg Backgrounds, Sound effects files, Recipe in PDF format, and various templates for MSOffice applications and much more!

There is also a feature to add links to unlisted (secret) YouTube Educational, entertainment, instructional or creative Videos that the creator believes someone is willing to Pay/Donate to watch.

Pay/Donate only in XRP (Paypal will be added later)

Checkout: If a Purchase or Auction is for a set $value the $value is automatically converted to a live market XRP value using a Bitstamp live market feed!

Checkout and pay with XRP over the XRP Ledger, using the mobile XUMM App or other XRP Wallet to scan the Checkout QR code or manually enter the provided pay address information.
If the download accepts donations then simply scan the displayed QR code on the product screen and using XUMM or other QR enabled XRP Wallet and send your donation. You do not need to Checkout but if you do checkout for FREE you will get a thank you message from the creator in your receipt!


Once the Checkout process is complete, for either XRP donations or XRP payments, you will receive an Email to the address you carefully provided, this Email will contain a link to the Digital Download or a text link to a YouTube unlisted video or other delivery method provided by the Vendor off platform.

Create, Auction, Sell or Buy XRPL NFTs

Artists and Content creator may offer a Non Fungible Token (NFT) option for their work. The NFT may be a limited edition shared ownership or sole ownership of their work. checkout and pay with XRP using the XRP Ledger, you can use XUMM or other XRP Wallet to scan the Checkout QR code or manually enter the provided pay address information.

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This platform is primarily designed for the #XRPCommunity but the Vendors will sell content for anyone so everyone around the world is welcome!

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Our vendors will be offering an amazing variety of Digital Content and as this is a free to use platform and operate at 0% commission you pay cheaper prices!

Pay With XRP Only

We suggest using XUMM Mobile App for best checkout experience but there is also a generic QR code scan or a manual copy/paste pay details. PayPal and Visa/Mastercard are also available.

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