About Me

XRP Ledger Entusiast & web site creater

Hi, my name is Tony and on twitter I am @XrPshine

I am an XRP enthusiast some may say an XRP Maxi, yep!

I have been involved in the #XRPcommunity since December 2017 and my new hobby has dominated my free time everyday since then!

My ambition is to spread the word of probably the fastest, cheapest and safest Crypto Currency (Digital Asset) in the world!

My other interest is creating web sites and online shops that take XRP as payment




I am constantly looking for ways to add interest and activity to XRP and the  XRP Ledger.

This platform has been created for Digital Content creators to sell their work or accept donations, its up to them to decide what their work is worth and you decide if it is worth it!

All payments are in XRP only, as a seller you set a price in Dollars that will be converted to XRP on checkout, you will receive the amount of XRP that is paid regardless of XRP/USD changes.

XRP is super quick, cheap and safe!

XRP-DDM has been created to spread the word about one of, if not the, fastest, cheapest and safest Crypto Currencies in the world! We hope this platform grows fast and adds to the growing global XRP Ledger Ecosystem!

This platform is here for Crypto or non Crypto enthusists, if you are an old hat or sparkly new to Crypto Currencies hit the button below to read a quick introduction about XRP and its world wide growth and use cases.