This is a Free Digital Content hosting Website for content creators!

You can host your Digital Content on XRPDDM.COM for free! You will receive 100% of any payments you set and 100% of any donations!

Content Guidelines

Content can only be uploaded or shared to this site via a site Admin. The site Admin will review all digital content and external links to digital content and any content not meeting the Content Guidelines below will be rejected!

  • Content Creater account total data limit

    This is a brand new platform as of 18/10/2020, we have currently not set any total data size limits, we will regularly review the size of content creators account data usage and we may apply limits if needed to keep this website free, if there is enough interest we may introduce a premium service at a later date.

  • File upload size may not exceed 10MB

    To keep this service free we must enforce a file size limit of a maximum of 10MB, if there is a lot of interest in larger file sizes we may introduce a premium subscription service at a later date. Also the 10MB limit will be regularly reveiwed.

  • Your own content

    The content submitted for upload or linked from this website will be created by you or you are authorised to upload on behalf of a 3rd party

  • No Copywright material!

    This includes any copyright material that is prohibited for resale or where financial profit from sharing is prohibited.

  • No Pornography or Nudity

    digital Files must not contain directly or indirectly through links to any material containing pornography or nudity, or in anyway reference inappropriate sexual explicit material.

  • No Hate or Prejudices

    Digital Files must not contain any content, reference's to content or links to content that is deemed defamatory to race, faith, disability, sexual orientation, hate targeted to individuals or groups or anything which may cause offence or disgust to a visitor to this website.

  • No content that promotes or idolises Terrorism

    Digital Content or links to digital content that is related to any form of terrorist organisation or ideology.

Payments to content creators

XRP Donations: XRP Donations will go direct to the QR address you provided

XRP set price: Currently the WooCommerce XRPL payment Gateway only allows a single address which belongs to therefore we will transfer the amount of XRP received at the time of the purchasers checkout (not the $ value) as quickly as possible, normally within a couple of hours. Proof of exact XRP amount received can be provided on request.

Content Submission Request

Your request will be reviewed by an Admin and further instructions will be provided.