XRPDDM have been following the XRPL NFT standards development very carefully and we were very happy to see a Tweet poll from @XummCommunity regards the creation of XRPL NFTs

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As we move closer to the realisation of NFTs on the XRP Ledger we at XRPDDM took the challenge of creating a first glance look at providing a NFT Marketplace.

This is all very fresh and in development but you got to start somewhere right!
We have worked hard, and spent mucho dollars, to get this far so please don’t shoot us down quite yet with this unfinished plaform

As we wait for further developments we at XRPDDM, being an impatient lot, went into learning mode and actually took the Wietse Wind Learning code challenge and can proudly state we can code!.. Just! Just enough to create an XRPL NFT following the original XLS14d standard! Yayyy! 🙂

We will get down and dirty with the basics of what all this XRPL NFT stuff is about very soon but lets first outline what we hope will be available in the short term, to emphasize we have no association with Xumm.Community (we hope this will change of course) so what we write here is our opinion and knowledge of the state of XRPL NFTs!

We expect there will be two types of an XRPL NFT:

A unique NFT will follow the Best Practices of the XLS14s standard, that is to say a single NFT will be issued from an XRPL account, that account will then be Blackholed (Lock forever) so no more of the exact same NFT can ever be created!

An XRPL Issuer account will issue a limited number of that NFT, sometimes also called a batch. The persons who purchase a limited edition will usually get a certificate to state their NFT is 1 of ? Now the Issuer can again Blackhole the issuing account so no more the specified batch be created, but they may not Blackhole the account, the purchaser will make the decisions as to whether they are happy for the original Limited Edition Qty to increase, this could drive away purhasers who want some value, if any, to be retained and not diluted with a vast supply.

XRPDDM are offering an XRPL NFT to purchase right now!

Take a look at our very own Limited Edition XRPL NFT, we believe this is the first of it’s kind to be offered for Auction on a XRPL NFT Marketplace such as ours, boy are we proud as punch! 🙂

We have created 1,000 of NFT:


There will be no more then 1,000 of this specific NFT!

All purchasers will go to develop this Marketplace into a free to use platform for the XRPCommunity + friends’ of XRP course!

Use the Menu above to drop into the NFT Auction/Sells page.

Alert: the first 100 have already been allocated so you could be the holder of beautifully crafted certificate along with your prize NFT to show off using the amazing Xumm App!

If you win this auction you get certificate 1 of 1,000 of:


All the details regards this XRPL NFT can be found on the this blog

XRP2THEMOON 🚀🌒 NFT blog Page.

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Fungible Token (FT) Data Verification Beta Test - Standard 6rdp XRPL wallet only!

This price data feed is currently simulated until I can get help pulling live XRPL feed data into Google sheets which is then a live feed into this table. Offers for help to achieve this critical process to admin@xrpddm.com thank you!

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