NFT Stickers

NFT emoji name creator

The below instructions will help you crate a fun and pleasing NFT name with Emoji

Click on the two links below to open both pages that will assist you.

ASCII Text to Hex Converter

Change character coding to UTF-8


Change Output delimiter to None

Emoji List

Copy the Emoji in the Browser List only!

ASCII Text to Hex Converter

Write your text and copy/paste your Emoji as shown below.

IMPORTANT: Your converted Hex code must be 40 characters, no less and no more!

It can take a bit of time to get a great NFT name that contains exactly a 40 character Hex code, but it is worth it!

The 40 Character Hex code is the maximum length for a Hexadecimal Currency Code for the XRP Ledger, the Currency Code is used as your NFT name.