NFT Stickers

Can NFTs be FUN? Possibly!😁

XRPDDM are Minting a Limited Edition batch of 100 of each style of sticker shown in the Banner pic above!

We are giving away 10 of each style of Sticker, for Free!

So what Exactly is an NFT Sticker!

Actually there is no such thing! We just made them up! …  Why not!

Because XRPL NFTs cost next to nothing to create anyone can experment with an NFT, so we are! Yayy XRPDDM NFT Stickers!

The stickers have been designed to display on XUMM App as an NFT which is what they are! Other Wallets might not display the NFT Sticker correctly. They can also be viewed correctly on the Xumm.Community Tool web page!

Just because we want to give them a fun name, “NFT Stickers”, it does not make them any less an NFT.

Each NFT Sticker type will have a  limited batch of 100 stickers!

So what exactly do you get with an XRPDDM NFT Sticker?

See the pic below. that’s it! That’s what we are calling an NFT Sticker, As amazing as the XUMM App is, and we think XUMM App is fantastic!, with your choice NFT Sticker displayed every time you check your XRP balance we hope it can raise a little smile, specially on a Elon Tweet day!

All 6 NFT Sticker styles exist on the XRPL and can be seen using Xumm.Community Tool

Search our XRPL NFT issuing account:


IMPORTANT INFORMATION! is not connected to or have any affiliations with XRPL Labs, XUMM APP or Xumm.Community Tool

If you grab yourself a FREE XRPDDM NFT Sticker you will need to create a Trustline to the Sticker issuing account, this will add 5 XRP to the XRP account reserve for the account that receives the NFT Sticker! (See NFT Removal in the Menu to Remove the NFT and Trustline and free up the 5 XRP when you want to remove the NFT Sticker)

NFT Stickers - Free Limited Amount Promotion!

Select a NFT Sticker style below to open it's shop product page and then check out for FREE! You Order receipt will contain a quick link to the Xumm.Community Tool Trust set web page ready for you to easily sign the Trustline transaction then we can send you your XRPL NFT Sticker!

You don't see a NFT Sticker thats floats your boat!
No problemo you can create your very own!

Hop over to the 'Your Customised NFT' page and get creating!

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