You get nothing without Trust!

XRPDDM would love to send you your NFT asap but first you must trust us, you do this by trusting our NFT issuing XRPL account!


Setting up a Trustline will add 5 XRP to your XRPL accounts reserve.

If you are a NFT collector having lots of NFTs will mean lots of Trustlines with each one temporarily locking up the  5XRP reserve.

XRPDDM can help out! Once the NFT is purchased you can leave it in our NFT Vault (Issuing account) until you are ready to receive it or even send it to someone else!

You must always take the utmost care as to what application you use and to whom you set a Trusline with! 

This is why we recommend using Xumm.Community Tool to create your Trustline to our NFT Issuing account!

Sample: Setting up a Trustline to our XRPDDM NFT Issuing account

As soon as you have either Won an NFT auction or purchased one of our NFTs we will send you a URL link to open the Tool at the Set Trust (Trustline) option on the XRPL Transactions page. You do not need to enter any settings, it is all in the link.

Sample link:¤cy=58525044444D204E4654204E3031F09FA5B02121&limit=1000000000000000e-96

After you copy and paste the provided URL link into a browsers URL box and hit enter the xumm.commuinity Tool will open and a popup will display the following:

1: XRPDDM Issuing account you need to Trust

2: The token currency code (NFT name)

3: The Limit you can hold. The number does look a bit odd but it will normally indicate you will hold 1 of this particular NFT, this number will change if you decide to purchase multiple of the same NFT to give away as Gifts or to resell!

You can enter your purchase receipt number into the Memo text line (optiomal)

Then select Confirm to create the transaction (Trust Set) . 

A QR code will be displayed, simply scan the QR code with your Xumm App (Important: make sure you are using, enable, the XRP address for scanning that you want to receive the NFT into!)

If you used the link in your mobile browser select the Open in XUMM link.

Once Xumm App has read the QR code a transaction signing request will be shown on your app. You may check the details again if you wish, then Accept the transaction to sign and complete.

Once done you now have a Trustline to the NFT Issuing account and you are ready to receive your prized NFT!😁