Like a Pet Hotel for your NFT!

If XRPDDM is trusted to sell XRPL NFTs then trust us to hold your NFT for you!

Each unique NFT requires a Trustline, adding a Trustline adds up 5 XRP to your XRPL accounts reserve, if you like to collect NFTs this reserve requirement can quickly start to lock up lots of your precious XRP!

XRPDDM Vault will lovingly look after your NFT in the issuing address, we will feed it, give it hugs and take it for regular walkies so it can do its business💩! 😁

When you find a spot for your NFT, maybe you want to send it to somebody else as a Gift,  you or the recipient needs to add a Trustline and we will Immediately send it on it’s way to you or that lucky person!

Each of XRPDDM NFTs has a Hall of Fame, an owners list. your place in the list will match your certificate allocation, ie you purchased 5 of 1,000 so you will be 5th in the Hall Of Fame list!