Elementor Pro

Anyone can build a fantastic website if you have the right Tools!

I built some basic website back in 2001 using frames and they were awful and complicated, now days we are lucky to have website builders like Elementor Pro and this enables even a novice site creator to create amazing websites with drag and drop and a little knowledge of website design.

Elementor is a free plugin for WordPress but I need the Elementor Theme builder so I purchased Elementor Pro, this is needed if you want to get a professional look and feel site to your site.


Domain Name purchased and DNS servers configured and completed Installed WordPress+WooCommerce

WordPress is the foundation of your site and enables you to build it using something called Blocks, I do not like Blocks (just to lazy to get familiar with them) so I will use a Website Builder called Elementor Pro, this will be mentioned later on.

As I will be enabling selling and payment taking WooCommerce adds all the functionality of a shopping process.

Domain name

Completed Sitegroung signup and first stop was to purchase a Domain Name

As I wanted this website to enable digital file sharing, selling, buying and auction I named the site XRPDDM, XRP because of XRP obviously and it will be a Digital Downloads Market (DDM) so XRPDDM!

More to come

Finding a Website Hosting

Watched various YouTube videos and many of the popular content creators were promoting Siteground.

Siteground was %50 less then I was paying for my other website XRP4U.com and I could create unlimited websites (package hard disk and space dependant) with far greater control of a website backend tools, this was big boy stuff so created an account and started a medium size package.